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Why Go Kosher?

Around the world, the quantity of kosher certified items is continually growing. In the US, one of the most central markets, it may be at more than 40% of the items sold on the retail food market.

Although the core consumers of kosher goods are religiously observant Jews, in numbers they are only a small part of the overall kosher market, which is also made up of Muslims, Seventh Day Adventists and other religious groups. As well, there are those with other specific dietary preferences, such as vegetarians, those with lactose intolerance, and of course, the many who see kosher approval as a sign of quality.

Kosher processed foods are manufactured under strict supervision, ensuring the products’ integrity, and that animals and fowl are slaughtered using humane techniques. Consumers today are highly aware of the benefits to eating kosher food; so much so that they spend about $165 billion annually, as opposed to $250 million from 25 years ago. There can be no question as to the commercial advantage of having a kosher certified product.

However, to understand the principles of kashrut and the processes required to implement them is another matter. Manufacturers are required to work with a reputable, efficient kosher certifying body, to ensure that their processes, equipment and ingredients adhere to the high standards being kosher demands.

The kosher world is vast and complex. The Kosher Master is proud to help make things simple, through our online database and by offering private consultations for manufacturers and suppliers of kosher products.

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