צריך עדכון פלאש אנא לחצו על הקישור המופיע בכדי להוריד את העדכון האחרון לפלאש לחצו כאן
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Whether you are a current or potential manufacturer of kosher ingredients or products, or a kosher certifying organization, the Kosher Master can help navigate the world of kosher ingredients and food products and provide expert advice on issues of kashrut.

For Kosher Manufacturers:

The Kosher Master simplifies the process of gaining kosher ingredient certification and offers guidance every step of the way in finding the best, most cost effective solutions for your company. Specific services provided include:

  • Technical solutions for current or potential kashrut issues
  • Guidance in developing kosher manufacturing processes
  • Assistance through the process of kosher certification
  • Comprehensive lectures on the principles of kashrut, kosher ingredients and kosher food technology

For Kosher Certifying Organizations:

The Kosher Master offers technical advice regarding potential ingredient kashrut issues, and provides industrial kashrut solutions. The Kosher Master also aids in the development and execution of specific kashrut projects.

Experience Counts

The international world of kashrut and kosher ingredients is vast and complex, and no one understands it like the Kosher Master, Mr. Betzalel Schutz.

Mr. Schutz has a wealth of hands-on experience and technical expertise in a wide range of food and kosher ingredient categories, including edible oils and fats, emulsifiers, enzymes, dairy products, bakery additives and biotechnology. He is also an internationally recognized expert in the field of flavors and flavor ingredients, a subject on which he has lectured extensively.

Mr. Schutz's extensive, in-depth personal contacts in the world of kosher ingredients and kosher certification means that your company’s plans will have the best support and facilitation, regardless of where you are located. In addition, with his unparalleled knowledge of industrial food manufacturing, kosher ingredients and the kosher certification process, the Kosher Master can help your company find the exact solution it needs.

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30/11/2010 - Article about flavors
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04/10/2010 - מאמר בנושא תעשיית שמן ושומנים
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